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TYKI History


The Titusville Yoshukai Karate School started in the late 60’s, early 70’s and is still going strong today. Throughout the many years we have had great instructors. The list of names are many; William Moore, Ray Zaragoza Sr., Hiroshige Taguchi, Patty Rushing, Mr. Neale Cranston, Larry Roberson, Greg Avery, Sammy Carpenter, Richard Cromwell, Lee Farrell and Ricky Copeland.

Mr. Cranston taught the Titusville class in the late 70's and was one of the first instructors for Ms. Farrell and Mr. Copeland. Mr. Cranston had 40 plus years with Yoshukai and retired in 2010.

Sense Mike Foster relocated to Port St. John, Florida in early 1993, our Titusville Karate class became known as Hombu from June 1993 until June 28, 2008. Sense Foster used our school for his first of the month trainings.

Our classes split from Mike Foster’s Yoshukai International Karate Association on June 28th 2008; our system is still Yoshukai, our name has changed to Yoshukai Karate International. Ms. Farrell and Mr. Copeland are Yoshukai Karate International Board Members and Yoshukai Testing Board Members.

Ms. Lee Farrell has 34 years teaching the children karate class at the Titusville Ballet and Jazz Center. She has 42 years in the Yoshukai system. Mr. Ricky Copeland has been teaching the adult karate class for 31 years. He has been with TBJC for the last 17 years. He has 37 years in Yoshukai.  Both Ms. Farrell and Mr. Copeland teach together in the children and adult classes. 

TYKI Dojo is proud to announce on July 29, 2017 during our Tai Kai (summer camp), Mr. Copeland was promoted to Shichidan (7th Dan black belt).

We are located at Titusville Ballet and Jazz Center, Sears Town Mall 3550 South Washington Ave. Titusville, Florida 32780. Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will continue to preserve the history and traditions of our style while promoting integrity and family values.