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Yoshukai Karate International mission statement is to preserve and promote the history and traditions of Yoshukai Karate while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, family values and the fair and equitable treatment of all members.
The Titusville Yoshukai Karate International (TYKI) school is dedicated to providing the highest quality instruction, in a professional, non-threatening atmosphere. Classes are open to both adults and children (age 7 and up). Some benefits to training are physical and mental fitness, self defense, and self discipline. Training helps to develop balance, flexibility, strength, ones character and self confidence.

Yoshukai karate is a Japanese style built on the foundation of the art known as “empty hand fighting”. The fundamental techniques of punching, striking, kicking, blocking, sweeps, throws, and take downs are reinforced by correct technique. Students practice kata (forms) and kumite (free sparring) with emphasis on form, balance, timing, concentration of power, speed and spirit. Advanced training in weaponry and self-defense are also provided.

We have clinics, seminars and a summer camp each year where our members meet for instruction and training. Our Kyoshi, Renshi and Shihan class travel to dojo’s worldwide to reinforce our Yoshukai system.

YKI dojo rules:

1) to uphold the dojo name,
2) to seek perfection of character,
3) to be faithful,
4) to endeavor in all things,
5) to respect others, and
6) to refrain from violent behavior


Yoshukai Karate International is governed by the Yoshukai Testing Board of Directors: Michael McClernan, William Moore, Bob Bush, John Matthews, Ricky Copeland, Michael Myer, Richard Cromwell, Christina McClernan, Lee Farrell, Michael Mendelson and Eddie Machen.